traveler’s notebooks

The Traveler’s Notebook is one of our favourite products from Japan. Offered by the Traveler’s Company, you will immediately notice the great care and attention that has gone into making these notebooks. When you first pick one up, you know it’s something you’ll be using for a long time.

The leather covers of the Traveler’s Notebook are handmade in Chiang Mai in northern Thailand, and the refills are made by Midori of Japan, a company well known for their high quality stationary collections.

The small studio in Chiang Mai where the Traveler’s Notebook covers are made is owned by a young couple specializing in the limited production of high-quality leather products. More than a decade ago, the Japanese businessman who founded Traveler’s Company was inspired by their ideas and enthusiasm, and they worked together to develop the Traveler’s Notebook over a period of several years. In the warmth of the product you can sense that they are made in a small relaxed studio full of smiles.

The leather cover of the Traveler’s Notebook will acquire a nice patina with use, carrying the memories of your journeys. Various refills are available to customize it according to your particular needs and preferences.

A new Traveler’s Notebook may have a fine white powder on the surface of its cover. This is a natural fat from the unprocessed leather and easily removed with a quick wipe with a soft cloth. Over the years, this notebook will become your lifetime companion. Care for your Traveler’s Notebook by buffing and nurturing the leather and it will stay in optimum condition for many years to come.

In a Traveler’s Notebook starter set you’ll find:
• Brand: TRAVELER’S Company
• Colour of the leather cover: Brown, Black or Camel, 120 x 220mm
• Quantity per pack: 1 x Leather Cover, 1 x #003 Plain Paper Notebook, 1 x Cotton Carry Case
• 1 x Brown Bands, 1 x Orange Band

Travelers Notebook in use